In 2021, could your team be achieving much more than the efforts of each individual?

Did you know that team coaching is the fastest growing, and most often requested, type of intervention for organizations, leaders, and businesses?

With the arrival of Covid-19 in 2020 and continuing into 2021, the world around us changed almost overnight. How we work and do business is one of the biggest changes now affecting many of us.

Social distancing and lockdown measures have not only impacted business operations and processes but also the relationship dynamics within organizations. Elisabeth Muller, consultant and certified Relationship Systems Coach, says that “all too often, little cracks form in the way teams work and perform, simply because team members are operating in completely different settings; each in their own emotional space and each coping with the situation in their own way.”

In uncertain times such as we are in with the pandemic, those little cracks can easily become big cracks. That is because a major factor in teams having a much higher performance (and being more creative, taking better risks, feeling more content) is them feeling clear about their mission, and safe, in a constantly evolving, unpredictable, high-change world.

Team Coaching works with everyone understanding their purpose; signing up to, a shared understanding of what they are there to achieve together, and for who. It works with trust; having each other’s backs and creating a safe environment to communicate and learn to ask better questions, identify and solve any problems that exist now, or may crop up in the future.

Leaders trust their teams, teams trust each other, and all understand the system and factors in which they are working. The team becomes self-sufficient in developing together.

As a one-to-one Leadership and Life coach – it’s never about one person only; the perspectives of the team, the stakeholders, and the wider systems always come up with my coaching clients. Often issues that are brought to coaching are symptoms of a wider system that need to be recognized, understood, and addressed to move forward; performance, communication, conflict, confidence.

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Starting in February 2021, I am offering a team of 5-8 people, from a non-profit or public sector organization, an opportunity to work with me for no charge. Interviews will be scheduled for mid-January 2021. Could this be you or a team you know?

We will work through an exciting new model of team coaching, designed and being taught for my Team Coaching Certification by Professor David Clutterbuck, one of the original pioneers of modern coaching.